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#fsmm ATTENTION: Important information about the application process!

The requirements for the performance videos are online!

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*** Performance Video ***


Duration: 10 minutes
Required repertoire: 2-3 Lieder (by Franz Schubert and from Group A): at least 1 piece of Franz Schubert and at least 1 piece from Group A


Required repertoire (all pieces without repetitions):
1. Franz Schubert: Klaviertrio B-Dur (Sonatensatz) D 28 OR Adagio Es-Dur D 897
2. A work or works (single movements are permitted) composed after 1920, which can be chosen freely (duration: 15 minutes)

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*** Application system change ***

Our application system has changed. Applications are processed via muvac. Early Bird is still possible until August 31 (the deadline for the Performance Video is still October 12).

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