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#fsmm #manygoodreasons Collaboration with scodo

Good news: We are now also collaborating with scodo!

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We`ve started an exciting collaboration with scodo - the publishing tool by Universal Edition!

Via scodo, sheet music can be published which will then be represented in the Universal Edition catalogue and distributed digitally and printed to orchestras and musicians all over the world!

We are excited that all our four prize-winning composers of the Composition Competitions Lied Duo & Piano Trio - Luciano Correa Barraza (Chile, Lied Duo), Gianluca Iadema (Italy, Lied Duo), Javier Quislant García (Spain, Piano Trio) & Tomasz Szczepanik (Poland, Piano Trio) - have been offered a free ‘Professional Plus’ membership for a duration of two years.

On top of that, all participants in the Composition Competitions benefit from the cooperation and receive vouchers for a free scodo submission!